Air Division

Air Division

Some time last year, we stumbled over a video on Instagram of two dudes jumping off the tip of a mountain and wingsuiting through the air. Not that this wasn’t Dirty enough, but it really grabbed our attention when they pulled out beers after opening their parachutes, then took off their hiking shoes, poured the beers into them and chucked them down while still flying a few hundred feet off the ground. 

On a whim, we dropped them a message, just saying how cool whatever they are doing is. Little did we know at that time that these two guys, Matt Munting and Nicholas “Nick” Scalabrino, were about to become two of our best mates and we would end up launching a collaboration with them. Just a year after we slid into their DMs, they are flying through the air wearing custom made Dirty Habits wingsuits. 

Matt, who is from Australia, and Nick, a Capetonian, live in a small van together, somewhere between Europe in winter and Dubai in summer, where they also work as tandem instructors. They jump up to six times a day, no matter the weather, they hike up mountains for a few hours five days in a row -  they are as dedicated to their lifestyle as it can possibly get. Throwing it back to one of the highlights of our time spent with Matt and Nick so far, we thought it would be a fun idea to take them out for their first ever kitesurf. Assuming that if you are BASE jumping multiple times a day, riding waves on a board while controlling the wind would be a walk in the park for them. We were just as surprised as entertained as they tackled their first waves with wide spread eyes and a sped-up heartbeat, as if it was the scariest thing they had ever done in their lives. Shortly after, they took Graham on his first ever skydive - an event that can only be described as a “viceversa deja vu”. It assured us that as different as us extreme athletes might seem, essentially we all inherit the same mind-set and will always remain eager for the countless adventures out there waiting for us, in places as unexpected as it gets. 

This collab is way more than just a newly founded friendship; with Matt and Nick, we took Dirty Habits to a new level and gave it a whole different meaning. We are not a group of kitesurfers having fun, we are an inclusive, international and ever-expanding group of extreme sport athletes who may not share a lot in common despite the idea to live life to its fullest while running on adrenaline flooding through our veins. 

We are grateful to have Matt and Nick in the Dirty Crew and hope you are just as frothed as we are about the new clothing range. Call them crazy, wild, fearless, borderline-insane.. either way, they are Dirty. 

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