Brokeback Billionaires

Brokeback Billionaires

Have a look at Graham & Nick. What would be the first assumption you make? Apart from them having the ultimate bromance, they live the life everybody dreams of, as they travel around the world, step out of sparkly limousines at parties with famous people in fur coats and lots of bling, cruise on yachts, shower in champagne, fly to fancy islands in private helicopters, design clothing that looks like Gucci or Prada, walk red carpets, apparently bath in money.. and all of that with empty bank accounts. 

OG Dirty Boys Graham & Nick are launching Brokeback Billionaires, embracing the poche lifestyle they get to live while no one really knows how they pay for it. The sparkly limousine they drive is a bukki, the champagne they drink is from the gas station next door, the fur coat from the one-dollar-store and the gold chains probably found somewhere on the streets. As to the question of why & how.. “fake it till you make it” is the motto. Yet, the clothing line they just launched is full on legit - why don’t you go check it out?

Find all photos of the launch party here.


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